The Aspen Foundation

The team at Aspen Medical has always focussed on giving back to the communities in which they work. In 2010 the founder of Aspen Medical, Glenn Keys, created the Aspen Foundation to formalise and increase his support for these communities.

A percentage of the profits from Aspen Medical are allocated by the shareholders to the Aspen Foundation. 

The Aspen Foundation is a member of Philanthropy Australia, the national peak body for philanthropy and a not-for-profit membership organisation whose mission is to lead an innovative, growing, influential and high performing philanthropic sector in Australia.

The Aspen Foundation is a registered charity. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Aspen Foundation is to undertake life changing healthcare through significantly reducing or eradicating key illnesses and diseases in remote Australian communities and to provide education for the sustainability of improved health practices.

Our Focus

The Aspen Foundation focusses its support on remote communities in Australia where Aspen Medical most frequently works. Whilst many Australians have relatively easy access to healthcare and health education through the Government-funded Medicare system, this access is often limited for people living in remote and Indigenous communities. Limited access directly contributes to the prevalence of key illnesses and disease in these remote communities. These illnesses and diseases are more similar to those seen in developing countries than in an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nation like Australia and rarely, if ever, seen in regional and metropolitan Australian environments.

The Aspen Foundation aligns its support to initiatives which will make a practical and immediate difference to the lives of people living in these remote and medically challenged communities.