Foundation to support documentary about those living with Rheumatic Heart Disease

The Aspen Foundation has joined the quest to rid the world of Rheumatic Heart Disease by supporting the Take Heart project. 
According to Dr Bo Remenyi of the Menzies School for Health Research, Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) threatens the lives of 2% of all Indigenous Australians. It kills 1,000 people every day, affects 15 million young children and young people, and is 100% preventable. 
Take Heart is a communications initiative in the form of a documentary that reveals the incredible true-life stories of young people living with RHD, their families and health workers caring for them. It is designed to put RHD on media and public health agendas, demystify what RHD is and how it can be prevented for at-risk families, communities, health workers and policy makers. 
The project is produced by Moonshine Agency, an Australian production company that specialises in health advocacy films designed to move audiences to action. 
Click here to watch the documentary trailer.